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Aqualusso Thermostatic Cartridge - Type 12




Thermostatic shower valve replacement cartridge. This is a push fit type that is held into the valve housing with a grub screw (Type 12). The overall length is 92mm.

Material: Brass

This item is compatible with steam showers, shower cabins and steam whirlpool baths from AquaLusso, Insignia, Bathtek, Brownes Health, Burnley Plumbing Supplies, Smart Price Warehouse, Victorian Plumbing and many others - but ALWAYS remove and check the cartridge you have currently as this is the ONLY way to know which cartridge you need.  Showers produced from late 2012 may need the newer Type 8, and models produced earlier may need a Type 6 Cartridge

Thermostatic Cartridge - Type 12

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