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To ensure your steam shower, whirlpool bath or shower cabin offers a long and trouble free service, a correct installation is crucial. In this regard, the water supply to your product must be BALANCED. This means the water flowing to the shower, needs to be the same pressure on both the hot and the cold water supplies. This ensures the shower Thermostat provides a long and accurate service life. Failure to have balanced water pressures, WILL damage the thermostat and invalidate its warranty.

If you plan to use a Twin Impeller Pump to provide water then you do NOT need to fit a Pressure Equalising (P.E.V). However if you have a single impeller pump, Combi Boiler or a mains pressure hot water cylinder for example you WILL need a P.E.V.

​If you are unsure about your specific needs, please discuss this either with your plumber or talk to us direct. Typically though, if you have a Combi Boiler this will provide a constant pressure on the hot water, but your cold water will be distributed around your property direct from the mains. If a tap/washing machine/dishwasher etc in the property is turned on whilst you use the shower, this will change the water pressure/s. Cold water from the mains can also be of variable pressure during the day as demand for water peaks and falls under consumer demand.

​The solution to this, is to install a Pressure Equalising Valve (P.E.V.). This is connected to the pipes leading to your shower and will ensure that the water coming out of P.E.V. is the same pressure, regardless of any changes in demand on the other side.

Pressure Equalising Valve

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