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Opus 800 Hydro Shower Cabin 800mm x 800mm with 2 Year Warranty Glass - 20 Minute Build 


The Opus 01 is an elegant self-contained shower cabin which is easy to assemble and is built with high quality components.

Installing an Opus shower is made really easy thanks to the new unique iLock system developed by .  Look at the video below for details on how simple the installation can be.  The sections are offered up in position, then rotated to lock securely in place - No time consuming screws or bolts needed!

The panels of the shower are all made from safety glass, with rear panels finished in the Polar White or Carbon Black Glass, designed to compliment any bathroom or en-suite.  The shower valve is Thermostatically controlled, to provide simple and precise temperature adjustment.  The shower valve element is made in France to a high standard with an integrated diverter to allow you to choose between the overhead rain shower, handheld shower or body jets.

All of the framework on the Opus is finished in a contemporary polished Aluminium that looks great now and will for years to come combined with the 2 Years Parts Warranty provided by the manufacturer

Dimensions: 800mm x 800mm x 2300mm


Product Features:

  • Unique iLock System
  • Clear Safety Glass Doors
  • Polished Aluminium Frame
  • Thermostatic Shower Valve - French Designed
  • Overhead Rain Shower,
  • 3 Massage Body Jets,
  • Multi-function Hand Shower and Riser,
  • Toiletries Shelf
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty provided by Manufacture
  • Operates at Pressures of 1.5 - 4 Bar
  • Flow rate of 12/14 litres per minute minimum required
  • We Highly Recommend Pressure Equalising Valve for use with Combi Boilers to Ensure Balanced Hot & Cold water is supplied to shower unit.
  • Operates at Pressures of 2 - 3 Bar we recommend 2.5bar for the best performance, we recommend these 2 pumps, Salamander ESP75 or ESP100 shower pump which we can supply.
  • Free Specially Adapted Waste Trap Included Saving you over ?29.98.
  • Free Standard Fitting Kit - Comprises of: 2 x standard 900mm long braided hoses and standard shower cabin waste trap and flexi waste hose.
  • Free Thermostatic Valve - allows you to regulate safely the water temperature. Saving you over ?28.
  • Optional Water Softener - Little Plumber is a compact, computerised electronic water softener which will descale your existing system, prevent new scale forming and save you money from the moment it is installed. Your water will also feel softer so no need for a traditional water softener.
  • Optional PEV - Pressure Equalising Valve is designed to Balance the hot & cold water pressures for use with Combi Boilers to ensure your shower is protected against un-balanced hot & cold water pressures.  Check Here for PEV Product Info
  • Optional Showerguard - Shower guard will protect your new investment permanently from limescale.  It also makes cleaning a lot easier and is water resistant making it easier to clean the glass, 1x Shower Guard usually is enough to cover a 3 sq metre area of glass, this is normally enough to cover the shower doors and small side panels beside the doors, If you wish to apply to the glass backboard panels we would highly recommend you purchase 2x Shower Guard Packs. Any non-abrasive cleaner can be used Check Here for Showerguard Product Info

  • Optional Shower Seat Upgrades, Choose from a modern padded flip Up/Down Seat to be installed on  shower column or a Stylish Shower Stool with rubber grommets for tray protection.

The tub base is now manufactured from thick acrylic, and with fibreglass and bonded to a stainless steel frame. The Acrylic now used whilst not apparent in the pictures is by comparison to its rivals - or indeed older models, and huge step forward, providing a more resilient tub, with a luxurious finish.

Package sizes: 

Box 1: 1930mm x 100mm x 410mm

Box 2: 820mm x 170mm x 820mm

Box 3: 1930mm x 60mm x 64mm

Box 4: 1930mm x 170mm x 320mm


Opus iLock 800 Hydro Shower Cubicle 800mm x 800mm Glass - 20 Minute

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