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Choose from the standard combined steam generator (pictured) normally fitted in whirlpool steam cabins or the vertical mounted slimline version found on steam shower cabins


The MK117B-Q Steam Generator and Electronics is for replacement on showers with the same control panel code. This part is compatible with Electronic control pads with the same MK117B-Q code.The steam generator is rated up to 3kW and is for UK use only.It comes with a power lead fitted with an RCD. The unit has numerous cable/leads from it to connect to 7Colour changing Top Light, Fan, Speaker, Control panel, Ozone etc.Power: AC220-240v (50-60Hz)Max power: 3KwOperating Current: 12.5 -13.6ARating: IPX4

MK117B-Q Steam Generator MS260

£219.99 Regular Price
£175.99Sale Price
  • Please note that you cannot mix and match steam generator models so older mk117 is not compatible with this MK117B-Q which is Ms360 model

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