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Introducing our latest innovation in bathroom luxury – the Vito D Shape Shower Cubicle, where elegance meets functionality in a design that transforms your showering experience. Engineered for the discerning homeowner who appreciates both form and function, our d shaped shower enclosure stands out with its unique single wall installation, ensuring a seamless fit into your bathroom space.


The Vito D Shaped Shower Cubicle is equipped with magnetic power shower proof total seal doors, offering an unparalleled seal that keeps water where it belongs, enhancing your shower experience without compromise. These doors are complemented by high-quality metal handles with a sophisticated chrome finish, adding a touch of elegance and durability.


For those who prioritise cleanliness and maintenance, our cubicle features quick release rollers, making cleaning a breeze. You can now maintain the pristine condition of your shower doors effortlessly, ensuring a hygienic and spotless environment.


Safety is paramount, and our shower cubicle is designed with 6mm British standard safety glass, providing peace of mind with every shower. The two easy-glide slider doors offer convenience and accessibility, making your showering experience smooth and enjoyable.


Measuring 1830mm in height (glass door only, excluding tray), with a width of 900mm and a depth of 770mm, this spacious enclosure provides ample room for a comfortable showering experience. The door opening of 510mm ensures ease of entry and exit.


To further enhance your showering experience, our cubicle includes Shower Guard Glass Protection. This innovative feature allows you to keep your glass cleaner for longer, using a nano spray liquid applied upon installation, designed for use on new glass to maintain clarity and cleanliness.


Completing this luxurious offering is our designer GRP Easyplumb Shower Tray, bespoke made to fit our unique 460mm radius shower enclosure - a feature exclusive to our brand and not available anywhere else in the UK. At 135mm high, the GRP tray includes a shower waste and is designed for easy plumbing, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless installation.


Choose the Vito D ShapeShower Cubicle for a blend of luxury, innovation, and practicality, designed to elevate your daily ritual into a moment of pure indulgence.


  • Unique single wall installation
  • Magnetic power shower proof total seal doors
  • High Quality Metal Handles
  • Quick release rollers for ease of cleaning
  • British standard safety glass
  • Two easy-glide slider doors
  • Magnetic power shower proof total seal doors
  • Chrome finish
  • 6mm British standard safety glass
  • Quick Release Shower Door Rollers for ease of cleaning 
  • Height: 1830mm (Glass Door only excluding Tray)
  • Width: 900mm
  • Depth :770mm
  • Door Opening: 510mm
  • Includes Shower Guard Glass Protection - This allows you to help keep your glass cleaner for longer using the nano spray liquid that you apply when the product has been first installed - designed for use on new glass
  • Includes GRP Tray - at 135mm high our Designer GRP Easyplumb Shower Tray bespokely Made to Fit our unique 460mm Radius Shower Enclosure Unique to ourselves not available anywhere else in UK. Includes Shower Waste. GRP Tray is Easyplumb As Standard

Aqualusso Vido D Shape Shower Enclosure 900mm x 770mm

SKU: LW22-B28-arcylictray-Pack
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