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The Opus 800 Hydro Shower Cabin combines elegance and functionality, featuring a 800mm x 800mm design in Carbon Black Glass. Its unique iLock system ensures quick, tool-free assembly within 20 minutes. Made with safety glass and a polished aluminium frame, it offers a stylish and durable showering solution.


Key Features:

  • Thermostatic Shower Valve with Integrated Diverter: The valve uses the Vernet wax element with the thermostatic cartridge, allowing precise temperature control and ensures safe and consistent water temperature.. The diverter lets you easily switch between the overhead rain shower, multi-function hand shower, and 3 massage body jets. 
  • Overhead Rain Shower: Provides a refreshing and even water flow for a luxurious shower experience.
  • 3 Massage Body Jets: Strategically placed for an invigorating full-body massage.
  • Multi-function Hand Shower: Offers versatility with adjustable spray patterns to suit your preference.
  • Polar White Rear Glass Panel: Complements any bathroom decor with a sleek finish.
  • Clear Safety Glass Doors: Ensure durability and safety.
  • Polished Aluminium Frame: Adds a contemporary look that will remain stylish for years.
  • 2-Year Parts Warranty: Peace of mind with long-term protection.



  • Specially adapted waste trap
  • Slide Rail Kit with Hand Shower and hose.
  • Aqualusso fitting kit (2 x 900mm braided hoses, waste trap, waste flexi hose)
  • Vernet thermostatic cartridge for safe temperature regulation

Our robust tray base, with unique water channels, made from thick acrylic, is reinforced with fibreglass and bonded to a stainless steel frame, providing a resilient and luxurious finish.

AqualussOpus ilock 800mm Quadrant Shower Cabin Enclosure - Fast Build

  • Water Supply:

    • Requires 1 hot and 1 cold water supply.
    • Household pipes should be positioned approximately 1 metre from the floor in the corner where the cabin will be installed.
    • Balanced water pressure of 1.5-3 bar is necessary. For gravity-fed systems, a shower pump is recommended.
    • Standard 15mm compression fittings are used for connections.

    Waste Management:

    • Includes a built-in waste housing and a flexible waste pipe extending approximately 1 metre.
    • Ensure proper connection to the soil pipe and a waste trap.

    Positioning and Space Requirements:

    • Freestanding design allows mobility; avoid fitting in fixed locations.
    • Ensure a 350mm free space around the cabin for easy access and servicing.

    General Advice:

    • Large boxes may require sufficient space for maneuvering to the installation site.
    • Measurements and weights are for guidance only and may change without notice.


    • Verify that your installation area can accommodate the cabin and any adjustments that might be necessary.
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